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C O M A G      S L 5 5


F I R M W A R E      U P D A T E     G U I D E



Required Materials

How To

What if it all goes wrong ?

Your Remote Control after the Update Important !




PIN 2 (On Computer)  -to -PIN 3 on STB(i.e. Set Top Box)

PIN 3 (On Computer)  -to -PIN 2 on STB

PIN 5 (On Computer)  -to -PIN 5 on STB      (More info on creating a cable can be found HERE)





The box will now begin to update, and the progress bar shall gradually increase.

If it gets to 100%  AND your box says -End  then it has updated successfully !!!

Whilst it is updating you will probably see some of the following messages on the STB...


ES----    - Erasing the flash;

FXXX    - Sending the software or data.

RXXX    - Receiving the software or data. 

PXXX   - Write the software or data. .               



Important !- Your Remote Control after the Update




.•       To help you diagnose what went wrong, here are a list of possible errors…

If you do get one of these errors, have a look HERE   to see how others dealt with the same problem(s).

•     If all else fails you can always try ALL10 or even go back to the box’s original firmware which you can get from Comag’s website here.... (Although it is highly unlikely that you will have to do this !)